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Review: Infamous TPB


DC Comics recently collected the six-issue InFAMOUS limited series into a trade paperback, and it turns out it's a good read that nicely bridges the gap between InFAMOUS and InFAMOUS 2.

Written by William Harms, who also penned the script to the PlayStation 3 best-seller, the Infamous comic begins with Cole MacGrath dealing with the aftermath of the events of the first title in the series and as he tries to avoid capture by FBI Agent Moya Jones, keep the First Suns in check, and keep the city itself from being blown off the map, it leads nicely into setup for the second game. The art by Eric Nguyen is dynamic, and nicely replicates the rough, shadowy comic-style cutscenes from the game. It veers a little away from that style in later issues, but not so drastically that it's distracting. So between the words and the pictures, the comic does a really good job of recreating the feel of the game.

In InFAMOUS, it was up to the player to choose whether Cole would take the path of good or evil as he learned to use his powers, but obviously the comic can't do the same. But while comic Cole has clearly become a hero, he's still pretty dark, just like in the game. The basic storyline is entertaining enough, but what I really appreciated was the way the comic delves into the effects that the situation in Empire City has had on the general populace, something the game couldn't really do. The citizens in the comic series have much more impact than the random NPCs wandering around the game world getting themselves killed.

InFAMOUS is available now from DC Comics for $17.99 US and $19.99 Canadian.

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