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Rush Out And Get This Rock Band DLC!


If you're a Rush fan, you've got three new tracks to play this week from the Rock Band Music Store. Rush Pack 01 will feature "Fly By Night," "Caravan," and "The Spirit of Radio (Live)." And Harmonix is promising "even more exciting Rush/Rock Band news before the year's out," so there's either more DLC coming or an actual add-on disc of Rush songs, I would gather.

In addition, "A Warrior's Call" from Danish rockers Volbeat and "Rebel Love Song" by Black Veil Brides will be available, and for just $.99 each. Black Veil Rebels is also December's Rock Band Network Artist of the Month, and there are three more tracks -- "Children's Surrender," "Perfect Weapon," and "Heaven's Calling" -- available for download in the store.

The Rush tracks will be available separately for $2 each, and "Fly By Night" and "The Spirit of Radio (Live)" are the only ones with the optional $.99 Pro Guitar and Pro Bass upgrades. In addition, "Fly By Night" is the only Rush track without keyboard support.


J. Zagar said:

Or, hoping here... Rush: Rock Band

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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