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Sony Lowers Playstation Vita Memory Card Prices

Vita memory Cards.jpg

Now that players know what games they can expect for their Playstation Vita on launch day, they might also want all kinds of memory cards and junk to go with it. Fortunately, hot on the heels of the official Vita launch games, Sony has announced via the Playstation Blog that memory card prices have been lowered from internet debate-sparking expensive to just expensive.

Standard 4 GB memory cards will go for $19.99, while larger sizes will cost appropriately more. A special starter kit will also be available on February 22nd and give players a 4GB memory card, pocket pouch, protective film, card case, headphones, and cleaning cloth for just $39.99. Anyone curious about the full list of accessories for the Vita available in February follows should make the jump. Everyone else should start a budget.

  • 4 GB Memory Card $19.99
  • 8 GB Memory Card $29.99
  • 16 GB Memory Card $59.99
  • 32 GB Memory Card $99.99
  • Starter Kit $39.99
  • In-Ear Headset $19.99
  • Carrying Case $19.99
  • Travel Pouch $19.99
  • Protective Film $9.99
  • Card Case $5.99
  • Cradle $19.99
  • Portable Charger $49.99
  • AC Adaptor $14.99
  • Car Adaptor $14.99
  • USB Cable $14.99

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