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The Darkness 2 Unites Brutal Mayhem With Multiplayer Co-op

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It seems that Jackie Estacado won't be alone in his fight against the forces of evil in The Darkness 2. 2K Games has announced a co-op campaign, titled "Vandettas," for the sequel that runs parallel to the events of Jackie's campaign against The Brotherhood. These missions allow for up to four players to assume control of four unique characters, each touched by darkness, and combine their powers into one bloody killing force.

Inugami seeks vengence for the deaths of his family at the hands of The Brotherhood. He wields the Kusanagi, a sword which killed ten thousand innocents, and can call upon a swarm of miniature demons to attack and immobilize his enemies. Shoshanna hunts evil with an unnatural passion as part of her work as an agent for Mossad, the Israeli Intelligence Agency. Shoshanna wields the Arm of the Night, a devastating weapon fueled with Dark essence and gifted with the power to fire multiple rounds at once. Then there is Jimmy Wilson, a Glasgow native and a notorious alcoholic who believes The Brotherhood is simply another form of the Hated English that persecuted his family in the past. His Dark Axe and darkling minions bring a terrible vengence to his foes. And finally, a doctor from New Orleans guilty of utilizing voodoo to heal his patients, J.P. DuMond, uses the Midnight Stick and a "box of tricks" to drag enemies into an all-consuming vortex.

Fans of the original game will notice how each co-op character possesses a single power from Jackie's arsenal, forcing players to work together to cause as much skull crushing damage as possible if they want to survive. Unlike the main story, the co-op areas focus on fast, pick-up-and-play mechanics to bring action to a wider audience. The Darkness 2 hits store shelves on February 7th.

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