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Touch My Katamari Trailer Is *Insert ADD Joke*

As a matter of confession, I've never played any of the Katamari games. It's not that they never appealed to me - in fact, they seemed as though they would be a good bit of fun - it's that I simply found myself without the time, or means, to pick up what seemed like a guided tour through the land of "what the f**k?" a prospectively interesting title. Also, it doesn't help that I'm prone to panic attacks. Despite the rather unique art style of the Katamari series, there's something undeniably unsettling about the cheery tone of a game that, as evidenced by previous trailers, seems to have been inspired by the crayon scribblings on the walls of a Tokyo asylum.

Potential Vita owners will be delighted to know that the trailer forTouch My Katamari continues this trend, telling the tale of Goro: internet addict, slovenly, do-nothing gamer (aren't we all?), and if the DSM IV has anything to say, all-around schizophrenic. Driven to his breaking point by the terrible news that The King has become a mere shadow of himself, Goro resolves to restore the monarchy - and with that fierce karate punch, our humble hero leaps out of his chair, and into the rest of his life.

Touch My Katamari: Scout's honor, it's not a d*ck joke.

As an aside, happy Hanukkah to our Jewish readers! I know Christmas tends to cast its long shadow over the season, but as a token of appreciation, partly for not doing the whole "laying on of hands, while praying in tongues during a five-minute exorcism at 10AM this morning (Downtown Minneapolis is weird), here's a little something for this most festive of holidays.



Kenny said:

Always happy to see another Katamari title! As a fan of the original on ps2 (never tried the x360 one), i'm looking forward to the poppy/annoying/addicting/awesome soundtrack.

Today.... we will be rolling around the locker room....

*Sigh* If only... =/

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Kenny on Touch My Katamari Trailer Is *Insert ADD Joke*: Always happy to see another Katamari title! As a fan of the original on ps2 (never tried the x360 one),...

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