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Video: Gotham City Imposters - Now With Extra Guns!

The third animated short for Gotham City Imposters exploded onto the internet today to unprecedented acclaim and recognition! Okay, not really. The video actually eeked out with relatively little fanfare, but that doesn't mean it you shouldn't watch it. The time, the Bats and Jokers have tossed aside all pretense and gotten right into a nasty gunfight on the streets and subway platforms of Gotham City. Fortunately for us, their brawl gives a glimpse into the diverse weapon and gadget sets players will utilize when they vie for cartoon supremacy next year. Also take note of the way each gang member has a unique homemade costume, which gamers can also expect on release. And maybe a bit of the environment interaction in battles, like barricading or traveling through subways to different parts of a giant map, perhaps? We'll know for sure in 2012.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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