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Video: Guy Dresses Like Mario For A Month For A 3DS

So apparently Nintendo had a contest where they asked people what they would do for a 3DS, and this guy who won promised to dress like Mario for an entire month. I don't know if the winner was randomly selected or if they just wanted to see if this guy would actually go through with it, but here you can see him receiving his prize from the man himself. (Though I do kind of wish it had been a surprise at his front door...)

Hilariously, the guy already kind of looks like Mario anyway, so it doesn't take anything but the overalls, hat and shirt to complete the look. Doesn't even need a fake mustache! And I appreciate that Nintendo thought to give him a couple extra costumes so he'd have something to wear while he did his laundry every other day. (At least, I presume he'd wash the outfit if he was going to wear it every single day for a month!)

Still, I would appreciate a follow-up video to ensure that he didn't renege on his promise! Because if he didn't show up to work every day looking like Mario (and boy do I hope he works somewhere like a bank or something), they should totally take that 3DS back!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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