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Videos: First DMC Shows Us "The Fight," Then "The Escape"

Dante, the king of hack and slash adventure games, finally gets a chance to show off the misadventures of his youth in two new trailers for DMC: Devil May Cry. The first trailer from Ninja Theory, titled The Fight, features Dante tearing apart a few mostly helpless demons with both classic Devil May Cry attacks as well as a few new tricks.

A longsword, massive scythe, and hooked chain are just a few of the weapons on display in this footage, all flowing seamlessly into each other with brutal efficiency. However, some of the Devil May Cry combat trademarks stand out in their absence, like a devil-trigger mode equivalent and real-tim combat ratings. How am will players know when to feel good and when to feel like a thumbless twit if something isn't constantly judging them!?

Make the jump to see the second video. If you want to, I guess. It's cool.

After The Fight comes The Escape, a tense race through city streets that quite literally tear themselves apart trying to crush Dante and drop the remains into oblivion. A mix of puzzle and platforming elements, these escape sequences call back to Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones and Uncharted. Unfortunately, those game had a tendency to leave players running in circles crying "Where am I supposed to go?" so hopefully the path will always be apparent. Not easy, necessarily, but apparent.

DMC: Devil May Cry has the nebulous release date of "2012," presumably before the apocalypse with John Cusack.


Charlie said:

I know it's a hotly debated topic but I like the new look.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Charlie on Videos: First DMC Shows Us "The Fight," Then "The Escape": I know it's a hotly debated topic but I like the new look....

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