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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Quite a few surprises this week in Narnia, but unfortunately, not all of them were good ones! You'll see what I mean...


I was delighted this week to emerge from my house and find that it had snowed again... and this time it had stuck! There's nothing more satisfying than that crunch as you walk around on top of the snow. Now if only it would snow at my other house, it would feel like proper winter...


I was utterly stunned to find this letter from Peanut in my mailbox. I had no idea she was even thinking about leaving! So I didn't even get the chance to try and change her mind. She just up and left. Hm. Maybe she never got into her house after losing her key and decided to cut her losses and just skip town and start fresh somewhere else? Sigh. Now I wish I'd given it another few minutes... I might have found her key and then she'd be happy enough not to move away. Or not. Never can tell with these fickle animals!


Actually, no. The yellow bolero is pretty ugly, really. But what could I say? No? It's not even like Octavian was trying to gouge me for thousands of bells for a cheap shirt. (No, that's apparently what Freya has taken to doing lately, coming up with the most ridiculous prices for stuff she wants me to buy...) So yeah, I lied and told him sure, and he happily gave me the shirt. (Which I promptly sold to Nook because as I said, it's ugly. Don't tell Octavian!)


Later in the week, the new neighbor moved in, this albino rabbit named Ruby. Who wears a rather redundant top. I know you're a bunny. I get it. The ears kind of gave it away. It's funny, because I enjoyed that Annabelle turned out to be one of those fun, ditzy personalities like Pippy that I like, and it seems that's what Ruby's like, too. But I find it a bit too awkward because she's a bunny, so it's like someone dunked Pippy in bleach or something. I'd almost rather have Pippy back. Sniff. But I'll try to make the best of it. Who knows? Ruby could become my new BFF!


Wait, is there a holiday coming up?


No, seriously. Where did all these festive lights come from? I gotta check my calendar...


AgentPolo083 said:

I am so pissed!!! Your Animal Crossing diary got me in the mood to visit my town again. It's been about 2 years since I've played it. I was expecting to simply kill roaches and pick a ton of weeds, but it wasn't that simple. I end up meeting Rover on the bus and starting a new town. My friend's daughter must have erased my town! I had my house paid off, all the Nintendo themed furniture, the light house, and the extra bridge! Now I'm completely unmotivated to play it. =( I'll just have to wait for the 3DS version. Although, I'll be really mad if there is a feature to transfer your City Folk Character & Catalog over to the 3DS one.

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AgentPolo083 on Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary: I am so pissed!!! Your Animal Crossing diary got me in the mood to visit my town again. It's been...

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