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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Well, this was a week full of ups and downs. We lost a resident, but their replacement might be the most awesome one yet. Also, I missed the big holiday, but it snowed so many days that I didn't have to worry so much about keeping all my flowers watered! Score one for the lazy guy!


So it turns out that I didn't change her mind, and Freya left. She was kind of quiet, but I liked her. She could be funny when she wanted to be. Oh well.


Well, it turns out I didn't get any presents from Jingle this year, because I got my times mixed up and I totally missed him. So it's not like I got coal, but I do want to get something, so I appreciated my folks sending me a present. The only thing is, it's a scale armor shirt. It looks nice and all, but honestly, what kind of town do they think I'm living in that I need armor?


Everyone in town was super-psyched for the holiday, especially Ruby, who went out of her way for nothing. I've never seen a single sprig of mistletoe in all the years that I've lived in Narnia. Sorry, sister!


Good luck with that, Derwin. Maybe that's why I didn't get anything under the tree? Because I was a little extra naughty? Sigh...


So it turns out that Ruby is a gossip. She told me that she kept seeing Curly and Gala together all the time, and suspected them of being a couple. I've been thinking the same thing. But apparently they're denying it so vehemently that Ruby feels like her life is in danger and needs to hide behind the furniture. Hm. Maybe I'll make use of that armor after all!


It took a while, but eventually Freya's replacement moved in, and I think she's amazing. Astrid not only has tribal tattoos all over the place, but there are matching ones on the kid in her pouch! Now that's dedication. Plus, she totally started off rambling about how she thought I was selling magazine subscriptions before even introducing herself. Astrid seems like she might have more than a couple screws loose, so this could be a whole lot of fun!


Mr Fox said:

I had Derwin for ages in my game. He was my best buddy for all that time he was there!
I love how Ruby has a giant moon in her living room.

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Mr Fox on Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary: I had Derwin for ages in my game. He was my best buddy for all that time he was there!...

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