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Audio File Friday 'Juan Abad'


Greetings Audiophiles!

I apologize for being MIA of late. I've been busy on some rather exciting projects, some of which concern the very site you are currently browsing. But I won't tease you, rather I'll get back to business; scrounging the net to bring you some of the best original gaming music there is to be found.

This past Winter I found myself pleasantly surprised with Sega's newest release Sonic Generations. It is a true return to form for everyone's favorite blue hedgehog, and quite the nostalgia-fest for long-time fans. Being quite the audiophile myself, one aspect of the game that really stood out was its soundtrack. The game took all the Sonic classics and presented them in both original and newly remixed versions. Being one of gaming's biggest names his unfortunate last decade aside Sonic has always had some of the best music around.

It got me thinking: There has been barely any Sonic-love happening on Audio File Friday. Well I intend to remedy that immediately, with an awesome newcomer known as Juan Abad.

Juan Abad hales from Lancaster, CA. This desert-dwelling lad has quite recently, just last month in fact, ventured out into the world of original hip-hop apparel and music. His original brand Sup Mang Apparel features products that currently range from stylish t-shirts to some surprisingly well done hip-hop beats. I say surprisingly because for someone who just began releasing content there is a high level of quality and polish here, not to mention oodles of potential.


So far, Mr. Abad has two releases, one titled DEAD. Beat Tape, and one titled Sonic Beats Beat Tape. Obviously the Sonic tape is what I'll be covering today, but don't miss out on Juan's original pieces; they pack just as much punch. Breakfast is my personal favorite out of the four tracks.

Now, on to the Sonic Beats Beat Tape. All I have to say is, 'More please!'

Are there any indie rappers reading this who've been wanting to spit some Sonic flow? Well these are the beats you've been waiting for. If I were a rapper one day, one day I'd love to have this guy as a producer because based on these three tracks alone I'm sold! Juan Abad has taken three classic songs from various Sonic games and remixed them into top notch beats.

Mr. Abad's Quartz Quadrant Remix takes the original and completely reimagines it as a mellow groovy beat that's perfect for a little relaxation time.

The D.A. Garden (Little Planet) Remix takes the tropical world-select tune from Sonic CD and turns it into a jazzy, at times almost psychadelic, beat with it's saxophone and easy base line.

Juan is a California native and it certainly shows in these first two tracks, but don't think it's all mellow kick-back music; this guy can deliver the hard stuff too. The third track, a remix of the classic Sonic the Hedgehog Boss theme certainly lives up to its pedigree. The original song already has a certain down and dirty weight to it, and remixed like this it'll have even the nerdiest hedgehog fan grabbing his crotch and nodding his head. Hopefully at least somewhat on beat.

Like I said before, 'More please!' This little taste is just so delicious and with any hope this Sonic fan will continue to give us more stellar Sonic-hop Hedge-hop?. There is just simply not enough Sonic-hop in the world.

If you're a fan of what Juan Abad has to offer, be sure to peer pressure him into making more go and download both of his EPs, totally for free I might add, via his official Bandcamp. After that you can hit up his twitter, facebook, and tumblr and be sure to follow, like,, follow him on each, respectively.

Let Juan Abad take care of you this weekend, and I'll catch you all next Friday. in just a moment with this week's Audio File Friday Bonus Track: E-Dubble.



M.B. said:

Gasp! Are we finally getting that GG remodeled website that was supposed to happen years ago? :o

jayoshi said:

Yeah, I love this website and visit it every day, but it really needs a face-lift. It looks outdated :/

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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jayoshi on Audio File Friday 'Juan Abad': Yeah, I love this website and visit it every day, but it really needs a face-lift. It looks outdated :/...

M.B. on Audio File Friday 'Juan Abad': Gasp! Are we finally getting that GG remodeled website that was supposed to happen years ago? :o...

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