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Audio File Friday 'Malukah'


Greetings Audiophiles!

So I've realized something that I'm rather embarrassed by: To date, Audio File Friday has only featured female artists about three times: Angela Aki, Lana Del Rey, Rebecca Black and the lovely ladies of the Video Game Music Choir. Now, considering Audio File Friday is fast approaching its one year anniversary and this is a mostly weekly feature...well, that's not exactly a great number. It's a pretty awful number, actually.

Is there just a lack of female gaming artists in the world? Or are they just difficult to find? Are we about to dust off the age old gamer-girl debate? Whatever the case, in the following weeks I promise to make a concerted effort to include more female artists here on Audio File Friday.

This week's artist just so happens to be an extremely gifted young woman who is quite the Skyrim fan and goes by the name Malukah.

Malukah hales from Monterrey, Mexico and first came to my attention when our friends at IGN used one of her covers for a rather touching Skyrim tribute video.

She's made a name for herself through her acoustic covers of Skyrim covers of The Dragonborn Comes, Age of Aggression, and the Malu Canta.

The bilingual gamer girl has a stunning voice, and her talent is far from going unrecognized. She already has over 6,000 likes on facebook, over 6,500 twitter followers, and after a mere two weeks her cover of The Dragonborn Comes has garnered more than two million views; a number that continues to grow by the day.

In addition to her Skyrim covers, Malukah has composed scores for films, music libraries, and some indie game titles as well. And of course she's composed plenty of her own original tracks, each one just as easy on the ears as the last. My personal favorite here is the somber, yet somehow light, I Can't Make it Rain.

Her entire original album, All of the Above, is available on iTunes.

Malukah's success is on the rise, and whether you're a Skyrim fan, an acoustic cover fan, or a just plain good music fan you owe it to yourself to jump on this bandwagon while it's still close to the station. This girl is going places.


Keep up with the talented, and gracious, Malukah on her facebook, twitter, official website, soundcloud, and, of course, her official youtube channel where more gaming covers are sure to be posted in the future.

That wraps it up for this week. Enjoy Malukah's covers while you play Skyrim this weekend, and I'll catch you all right here next week.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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