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Capcom Dates Dragon's Dogma... & Adds A Bonus!


Capcom has declared that their open-world action-adventure game Dragon's Dogma will be hitting Xbox 360s and PlayStation 3s on May 22 in North America, and May 25 in Europe.

I played a demo of the game at ComicCon, and it was quite impressive, if a bit overwhelming (demos sometimes are, especially when they're RPGs). There will also be some pre-order bonuses if you're interested. GameStop is offering a "Pawn Upgrade Pack" which will provide the player the ability to rent higher-level AI partners from the beginning of the game. And Best Buy's "Armor Upgrade Pack" and's "Weapon Upgrade Pack" will offer higher-level armor and weapons respectively from the outset to give you a little more of an advantage. Capcom is also promising full support for the title post-release with DLC featuring additional quests and weapon/armor upgrades.

Of course, the real bonus feature for Dragon's Dogma will probably be the redeemable token that will let you download the demo of Resident Evil 6 demo earlier than anyone else. And if you're torn between systems, the Xbox demo of RE6 will be available on July 3, a full two months earlier than when the demo hits the PlayStation on September 4. (September 5 in Europe) Not sure when the demo will be available for regular folk who don't have the early access...

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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