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Fallout MMO Back On Track?


When I was but a youngster in "Creepy Jesus School" junior high, my teacher told me, "rumor is how Satan spreads his lies." Powerless to thwart my upbringing, I tend to shy away from such filth; yet having been posted on numerous sites across the web, this seems a bit more legitimate than the usual, poisonous mutterings of some fork-tongued "prophet."

Indeed, according to the Fallout fan site "Duck and Cover" (and marked with the helpful designation, "Confirmed") Bethesda and Interplay have come to an agreement over the fate of the fabled Fallout MMO. As posted on their site:

Today, DAC has confirmation that a settlement has, in fact, taken place. It actually took place the day of the trial - and had I been able to get online and sort through the documents I would have reported as much. We do not yet have the details of the settlement - they will be announced this month (January 2012) - but we can report that on the day of trial, the atmosphere in the court room was tense until the judge recessed. This recess was extended, and then they recessed for lunch. After the lunch recess, the court room was locked to everyone except attorneys and clients. When our source asked why this was the case, our source was told it was because they were working out a settlement. The following day, another source called the court reporter to ask what the next hearing schedule for the case was - this source was told there was no schedule as a settlement had been reached.

The companies had been entangled in a battle over intellectual property: While Bethesda had purchased the rights to the Fallout franchise, Eric Caen, President Interplay, claimed that Interplay had left itself the option to create a Fallout MMO as part of the agreement. Bethesda disagreed, thus inspiring fears that Bethesda would forbid the creation of such a game, even if the company had no intention of releasing its own Fallout MMO - such is the nature of business. As noted in the quote, details have yet to be released on the terms of Bethesda and Interplay's agreement, but if the story is legitimate, one can expect some trickling of news, down from the great ivory spire where the rich folk live, in the future.

I'm not typically a fan of this MMO business, but my love of Fallout does raise the dreadful specter of years to come for yours truly. I'll be sure to post pictures of my beard, in the form of grainy webcam stills from within my personal Fallout shelter as the months wear on.

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