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Learn How To Build A Mario Kart!


The real-life Mario Karts that were featured at the LA Auto Show were pretty awesome, and now you can learn how to build your own! Well, not really. I mean, I guess if you had the skills and the materials, maybe, but I certainly couldn't pull it off! But you can watch West Coast Customs build the Mario Kart and Bumble V kart from the recent Mario Kart 7.

"When Don" Don James Executive Vice President of Nintendo America, "requested the meeting and he told me he needed us to create some of the Mario Kart 7 cars in real life I was excited and ready for the challenge. Then he said they need to have a hang glider for flying and a propeller for underwater maneuvering I thought, he must be joking!" said Ryan Friedlinghaus, founder and CEO of West Coast Customs.

You can watch Ryan and his crew figure out how to take a 3D digital render and translate it into an actual physical vehicle. This episode of Inside West Coast Customs will air Sunday, January 22 at 9:00 PM EST on Velocity. I know, I've never heard of the network, either. It's new. But a quick visit to their website at and I found out that I actually do get it, so you might, too!

Photo: Nintendo Of America

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