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New Trailer For Street Fighter X Tekken

I like the part where they hit people.

Indeed, nothing says "fighting game trailer" quite like hand-to-hand combat, sudden camera cuts, and gut-busting, 80's style guitar madness. In this case, said trailer is for Street Fighter X Tekken, a crossover title that features the lovely Street Fighter 4 art style. For the most part, it's pretty self-explanatory: You choose your favorite Street Fighter (Chun Li) or Tekken (don't care, on account of no Chun-Li) character, wailing your opponent into bloodless submission before a captive audience. The most surprising thing is reserved for the Vita version (currently in development), which as 1UP notes, features "Cole from Infamous, plus Toro and Kuro." However, right around 3:10, one can spy the sillhouette of not only Mega Man, but our chompy, yellow friend: Pac Man.

While better known as the punisher of the damned, Pac Man's signature move has usually involved devouring one's incorporeal essence, sending the fragments back to the black nothingness from whence it came, and repeating the cycle for all eternity - or at least, until the player turns off his or her console. Chances are Street Fighter X Tekken will be devoid of such existential horrors - favoring instead the use of Pac Man's mighty fists - but one can always dream.

Street Fighter X Tekken is set for release March 6th, on Xbox 360 and PS3. The Vita version is currently without a release date.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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