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Taste The Rainbow (Rapture)

The Old Testament tells us that after the flood - that which effectively annihilated all of humanity, save for a couple families and a massive petting zoo - He With the Greatest Beard swore, presumably on his own name, never again to flood the Earth. As a token of his sincerity, he gave us that which would come to symbolize tranquility, hippies, and oddly enough, homosexuality: the rainbow.

Yet our multicolored friends gained sentience, looking down at humanity not as the remarkable species that we are, but as a scourge - a defilement of the very planet we call home. Thus, the rainbows joined forces with clouds to eradicate humanity for that most heinous of crimes: inventing the color grey.

The God of Abraham wept; the God of Irony, on the other hand, cackled with sick delight.

Such is the basic premise (save for all the biblical references) of Rainbow Rapture, a $1 downloadable indie title for Xbox Live and Windows Phones. The game is comically simple, featuring in upward of one button for control. Essentially, it's a physics-based, casual game: The terrain consists of a series of hills, and your objective is to dive down these hills at a favorable angle, which will propel your happy little cloud back into the stratosphere from whence it came. More hang time increases your life bar, as does devouring those puny humans. There are a few powerups to increase speed, hang time, etc., but the core goal is to stay in the air as long as possible, thereby increasing your life. Having played the free demo on Xbox Live, I can attest to the fact that Rainbow Rapture is nothing if not a bit of casual, throwaway fun. More importantly, it's one dollar, and maybe - just maybe - "misanthropic cloud-rainbow" will become a new archetype for video game protagonists. Here's to hoping.

Those who don't have an Xbox or Windows Phone, but do have an Android device, are encouraged to check out the similar game, Dragon, Fly! By similar, I of course mean that the two are "the exact same game," except that dragons take the place of the Rainbow-Cloud alliance, and removing the human stain is abandoned in favor of collecting crystals.

Rainbow Rapture: it's genocide made fun.


Michael Thaddeus said:

Also a copy of Tiny Wings from iOS.

bourgtai said:

^ the first game of this kind.

AnakinGeada said:

That is one of the cutest games I've ever seen!

12thGay said:

Shameless ripoff of Tiny Wings.

chair rail said:

I don't know why...

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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chair rail on Taste The Rainbow (Rapture): I don't know why......

12thGay on Taste The Rainbow (Rapture): Shameless ripoff of Tiny Wings....

AnakinGeada on Taste The Rainbow (Rapture): That is one of the cutest games I've ever seen!...

bourgtai on Taste The Rainbow (Rapture): ^ the first game of this kind....

Michael Thaddeus on Taste The Rainbow (Rapture): Also a copy of Tiny Wings from iOS....

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