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The Great Lie That Is Halo 4 Beta


The specter of Halo 4 haunts the land, and in its shadow lies the prospect of a little glimpse into what could be: the Halo 4 Beta. While the eyes of boys and girls across Gaia surely lit up with news of its "arrival," 343 Industries's David Ellis had to be a killjoy, stating in a tweet that "If you see a page claiming to allow you to sign up for a Halo 4 beta be advised, IT'S A FAKE." Invoking the Romulans for emphasis (the most shifty-eyed of all the Star Trek races, save for those robber-baron Ferengi), the brief video sends the resounding message that such bald-faced bulls**t will not stand, even for the bane of the Alpha Quadrant.

As per usual, the idea is to solicit personal information from unsuspecting victims who frankly should know better by now in the hope of using said information for nefarious, self-interested ends. So should you find yourself tempted by the fair maiden "opportunity," be sure to check yourself before, as the poets of olde warned, "you wreck yourself" - as well as your identity.

On an unrelated note, you may have noticed the day of protest again SOPA. Wikipedia has temporarily shut itself down, the "Google" logo has been replaced with a black bar, and the internet is positively awash in anti-SOPA banners. I'll spare everyone the sermon, but speaking strictly for myself, it seems like a rather rotten piece of legislation: Something about the coupling of corporate self-interest with the authoritative power of the State, however responsibly its proponents claim it will be used, leaves a bad taste in one's mouth. For those of you who are against the bill, and want to make your voice heard, follow this link to find the contact info for your congressperson.

via VG247

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