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Video: [Stuff] Princesses Say

Okay, we've all seen the video for [Stuff] Girls Say on YouTube. (I'm trying to keep it clean here, folks... although the YouTube thumbnail above kind of negates my efforts) And many of us have probably seen the subsequent episodes or some of the seemingly endless follow-ups, whether you call them homages, tributes, responses or outright rip-offs (although I will admit that $#!t White Girls Say... To Black Girls is probably the best one).

Anyway, here's a rather delightful parody from the mad scientists at Dr. Coolsex, who have once again taken their love of all things Mario and given us [Stuff] Princesses Say. And best of all? Dustin, who usually portrays the sexy bear Mario, does Peach!

"I love Mario Parties!"

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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