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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Nothing too shocking to report this week. No big events, no surprising exits or anything. But that's not to say that there wasn't the usual fun and silliness!


I got this weird letter from my mom. It's weird not because she wants to spend time with me, but because she has this weird idea that I enjoy fondue. I guess I don't mind when I'm dipping things in chocolate, but despite popular opinion, cheese doesn't make everything taste better!


Derwin informed me that he'd had a dream about me. Thankfully he didn't go into any detail about what exactly happened between us in the dream, but I guess we were bros, because it inspired him to start calling me "Bro C." I guess that's okay...


So Gala asked me to deliver a present to Ruby for her because she's entirely too lazy to do anything but wander around town aimlessly. Seriously, these animals are ridiculous. All they do is walk around in circles, so you'd think that it wouldn't be such a huge deal to maybe actually pick a direction, like one that would take them to the recipient of their package? Anyway, I dropped it off, and Ruby was decidedly non-plussed by the warmup suit, but when I went back to tell Gala the deed was done, don't think I didn't totally play it up like Ruby loved it. Hey, it's not like she threw it back in my face or anything... She said she'd wear it! Indoors, but still!


As I said last week when he first arrived, Puck is kind of awesome, so when he suggested a game of hide and seek, I quickly agreed. Thing was, I couldn't find Ruby for the life of me! I seriously thought I was going to lose, but somehow with only seconds remaining on the clock, I stumbled upon her behind a tree! Woo hoo! That was a close one. I've only ever lost once, and I don't want to make it a habit!


Wow. I guess Ruby really didn't like that warmup suit. I mean, she's wearing it, but somehow she decided that she wanted to move. Which is weird, because since she's an albino Pippy, I've been super-friendly with her so she won't go anywhere. So obviously I begged her to stay, and I even immediately went into town hall to send her a letter with a present. Hopefully she won't care that it's the lucky frog that I got in the hide and seek match just a little while earlier!

Oh, and I think I made my case, because the next day when I swung by her place, none of her stuff was packed up. So either she's really in the early days of considering her move, and hasn't started packing, or my begging and bribe did the trick!


And just as an FYI, this is what happens when a snowball falls into the water. Sometimes they're right by the edge of the river, and there's really no way to carefully push them back up into an area where you can roll it around and make it bigger. It just drops right into the water, and slowly shrinks down into nothingness as it floats out to the ocean. Sigh.


Mann said:

Every week I gloss over an Animal Crossing entry and every week I think to myself, "one day, there's just going to be an orgy happening. One day." Not today.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Mann on Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary: Every week I gloss over an Animal Crossing entry and every week I think to myself, "one day, there's just...

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