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Audio File Friday 'FFmusic Dj'


Greetings Audiophiles!

It's no secret that we here at are big Animal Crossing fans. While I go in and out of my AC-binges, our very own Wootini has managed to keep up with his town for literally years now. Animal Crossing: City Folk was released in 2008. It's 2012. That's more staying power than even some of the most lauded of big-budget titles on the market. There's just something about doing chores, picking fruit, and fighting the 1% dealing with Tom Nook that is endlessly satisfying.

What a shame, then, that despite spending nearly a year showcasing original video game covers, remixes, and what have yous, finding good Animal Crossing inspired music worth featuring has proved...not so fruitful.

Until today that is! While plenty of Animal Crossing inspired tracks exists, today I managed to find one that stands out from the pack courtesy of this week's featured artist FFmusic Dj.

Real name Haroon Piracha, FFmusic Dj is a sound designer and composer working in the video game industry. Currently based out of Hollywood, CA, the fan turned industry-pro spend his free time remixing tracks from his favorite game series.


Now before you ask: Yes, as FFmusic Dj's name implies he is quite the Final Fantasy fan. And yes, the bulk of his work is more Square-centric, but that doesn't mean he didn't give his bonus Animal Crossing track any less love:

AnimalCrossing - DJKK (FFmusic Dj Mix) by FFmusic Dj

Who doesn't love KK Slider? His unique vocals add an extra layer of geek to this mellow chill-out track and take the song, no doubt enjoyable on its own, to the next level. Non-Animal Crossing fans might furrow their brow at first listen, but just give it a few and let Slider's sound sink into you. Before long I guarantee you'll be youtubing every possible KK remix there is.

So DJKK is the extremely rare, very well done AC remix, but what about the rest of his work? Well I'm happy to report that all of Mr. Paracha's remixes are just as enjoyable. Take, for instance, this eargasmic progressive trance remix of Kingdom Hearts 2's Passion ~after the battle~ by Utada Hikaru. The song makes a complete 180 about halfway through, and the drop at the 4:55 mark actually got me to get up and go, 'whoah!' When you're dealing with a genre that's built on repetition and rhythm, the well timed surprise is always appreciated.

This trance remix of Final Fantasy 7's Cosmo Canyon, a personal favorite tune of mine, is a complete overhaul of the once-tribal track but is far from unrecognizable. And now I've got uncomfortable images of Red XIII glowstick-raving in my head. Thanks, FFmusic Dj, you've turned me into a furry-raver.

Final Fantasy 6's Relm has never sounded more relaxing than in this spectacular chill-out remix:

Of course, being as big a Final Fantasy fan as he is, FFmusic Dj has got plenty more unexpected remixes for fans to enjoy, like this soothing Final Fantasy 7 Under the Ocean chill-out remix. Riding around in that submarine may not have been very calming with Emerald Weapon lurking around, but with this remix I can pretend that it was.

This guy has also done a lot of work with our friends at OCRemix, including an out of this world Chrono Cross Scars of Time remix. I jump at the mere mention of Chrono Cross, but to hear such a fresh take on this classic is a real treat.

For more FFmusic Dj check out his official soundcloud,, tumblr, personal blog, and, of course, hit him up on facebook and follow him on twitter.

That wraps it up for this week! Enjoy FFmusic Dj's mixes and I'll catch you all next Friday.


hrnball said:

He's a great guy, had him as a student YEARS ago.

Dustrick said:

WAAAAGH! I can't listen to the song from my iPad, all the other ones work but not even going to the soundcloud website will work either!!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Dustrick on Audio File Friday 'FFmusic Dj': WAAAAGH! I can't listen to the song from my iPad, all the other ones work but not even going to...

hrnball on Audio File Friday 'FFmusic Dj': He's a great guy, had him as a student YEARS ago....

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