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Double Fine Adventure Exceeds Its Kickstarter Goal

Adventure Games: They lit up our youths, showed us the joys of that primitive thing known as DOS, and taught me the hard lesson that "Holy Christ an ogre for the love of god RUN" was not an input recognized by my computer. As time went on, they increased in sophistication, abandoning the archaic ways of text input-based commands, in favor of a more direct, "point and click" affair.

While adventure games aren't quite the phenomenon they used to be (my heart will always beat for you, Sierra), they still exist, and the kids over at Double Fine Productions have brought it upon themselves to breathe new life into the genre with an upcoming game: Double Fine Adventure. The company was started by Tim Schaefer back in 2000. Those of my age group probably know him best from his work on Grim Fandango, The Secret of Monkey Island, and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, though youngsters (and their god d*mn hula-hoops) may know him better from games such as Psychonauts and Brutal Legend.

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In order to finance the project, as explained in their most entertaining introduction video (posted above), Double Fine has turned to Kickstarter to encourage you, upstanding citizen of the People's Democratic Republic of Internet, to donate to the project. The total stands at a rather astonishing $1,159,143 as of 11:15 PM CST - well above the projects $400,000 goal, which was met in under nine hours. For those with the financial means, $15 gets you a copy of the finished game; donations above that mark will grant you "a selection of premium rewards ranging from a download of the full documentary series in splendid 1080p HD video with bonus footage, to unique posters, original concept art, and even a mini painting of yourself done by the game's artist!"

So what is to be done with the excess riches? According to Schafer, the money will be used to buy $600,000 worth of blow, which will be snorted off the ankles of a $100,000 "lady of the night" over the course of several months improve the game, the documentary, open up the possibility of release on multiple platforms, as well as foreign-language translations, among other possibilities. For those interested to see how the development progresses, Schafer & Co. are enlisting the help of 2 Player Productions - currently working on "Minecraft: The Story of Mojang." and a follow-up bit about of Mojang's Scrolls - to produce "monthly video updates exclusively to the Kickstarter backers."

So if you have $15 laying around, and like myself, still enjoy that which kids will soon start referring to as "grandpa games," it's worth considering opening up your heart - as well as your wallet - to Double Fine's project - particularly since you are effectively buying a copy of the game. For those who want to contribute, but are rather short of funds, the Kickstarter account allows for donations as low as $1.


Ducky said:

I want Tim Schaefer to be my boyfriend!

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