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Far Cry 3 "Stranded" Trailer (NSFW)

For me, stealth-oriented games, or anything in the ballpark thereof, is a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, it looks brilliant on paper: favoring tactical prowess over a mindless barrage of bullets, such games encourage the player to utilize those precious, precious mental faculties, offering an experience far above the simpleton's flavor of ultraviolence.

On the other hand, I'm extraordinarily impatient, and even the faintest waft of danger - harkening back to a time when we gleefully bashed one another's heads in for food, shelter, and the endless pursuit of the fabled "badonkadonk" - sends my little Simian brain into some kind of primal bloodlust, immediately spelling ruin for my most carefully laid plans.

Such was my pain with the original Far Cry, a game that I never finished, on account of "being generally terrible" at such titles. Yet for many of my more savvy peers, the game was not only a visual feast; it was a rather fine FPS title with an immersive environment, engaging gameplay, and of course, a focus on strategically eliminating one's targets, rather than the more intuitive approach of rampaging through the jungle like some kind of coked-up psychopath.

In anticipation of Far Cry 3, a new trailer has been released, offering some cinematic prettiness, as well as giving one a bit of insight into the story, characters, and the environment in which our hapless protagonist finds himself.

More details await after the jump!

Edge magazine has a feature article about the game; for those of us who have cast aside this antiquated method of information distribution (i.e. paper and credit cards), and have an iOS device at the ready, the relevant content can be found via the free Edge app. For those who share my general impatience for "everything," VG247 sums up the plot rather nicely:

The protagonist in the game, James Brody, has been on the island for years trying to find his kidnapped girlfriend. During his stay, he starts having a mental breakdown, and his actions are accompanied by hallucinations based on an "unreliable perspective." No word if this is caused by post traumatic stress disorder or not due to his stay on this mad island, but surely there is a reason for this strange, mental behavior in the game someplace.

Gametrailers recently posted an interview with Mark Thompson, Level Design Director on the project, who states that Far Cry 3 with emphasize player choice over strictly linear gameplay. While one will still have a set of objectives, how one goes about it - whether you choose to be deathly silent, or a sort of testosterone-fueled super commando - is a matter of preference, and level design is being approached with this in mind.

The game is set for release on Sept 4th. While no system requirements have yet been announced for PC (the game will also be released for Xbox 360 and PS3), and while the gameplay footage (shown during the Gametrailers interview) doesn't seem horrifically daunting, Crytek has had a reputation for making some rather technically stunning, and thus demanding games. Luckily, that's why we have tax season. So if you're willing to let that dental work wait, favoring instead a graphics card capable of rendering the fourth dimension in stunning, crystal-clear 1080p, you can enjoy the full, pixelicious feast that is the latest Far Cry.

Fancy graphics cards: Making you better than your peers since Doom III.

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