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Final Fantasy X Getting A Facelift

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The Good Ship Nostalgia is once again nearing port, and in its cargo bay is none other than our PS2-era friend, Final Fantasy X. The existence of an "HD remake" was reported last September - it was originally meant to commemorate FFX's 10th birthday, back in 2011 - and there had been some hope among those who aren't complete nihilists like myself that the game would receive a proper remake, similar to FFIII and IV on the DS. Instead, as revealed during a Q&A at the Taipei Game Show, Square Enix's Shinji Hashimoto stated that FFX will be an HD "remaster" title for the PS3 and Vita, complete with shiny new pixels, and a (presumably) less shiny, yet suitably new price tag. While this may be a disappointment among those hoping for a true remake - and for those like me, a juicy little morsel, bolstering Sony's removal of backwards compatibility in later incarnations of the PS3 as evidence of conspiracy - I'm not terribly averse to the idea of purchasing an HD version of FFX. Aside from being quite a lengthy jaunt through Spira, it does hold a special place in my heart as the last Final Fantasy title of my youth.

A trip through the wayback machine awaits after the jump!

As I peer back into the swirling fog that is my memory, FFX was a rather odd, but ultimately enjoyable title - yet my initial impressions were less than kind:

Tidus seemed to possess the mental faculties of some kind of lobotomized skater boy - or "sk8r," as no one calls them anymore. Wakka had all the gravitas of a rejected cast member from "Cool Runnings." Yuna was like a Quaalude with legs, with a voice timid enough to make "Georgette" from the Mary Tyler Moore show seem like a screaming lunatic. Going above and beyond Square's "one annoying, pubescent girl per game" policy, Rikku had the distinction of being the only Final Fantasy character that made Yuffie seem low-key. While Lulu gets a bit of a pass, mainly on account of her all-encompassing gothness, not that I'm completely biased god I love black and eyeliner, she exists mainly in my memory of having a stuffed Moogle, as well as everyone's favorite, breasts large enough to have their own gravitational pull. I'll spare you the rest.

Yet as the story went on, I quickly found myself powerless against FFX's charms, and the characters that had been an immediate object of ridicule became dear to my heart - and as the somber melody of "To Zanarkand" played, as the party sat before the ruins of the once-great city, I couldn't help but feel the faintest fluttering of this phenomenon called "emotion."

So what do you think, gamers? Does the prospect of a FFX remaster bring delight to your little boy/girl heart, or is this just another ruse by which the fangs of Capital suck the lifeblood from the working class? Sound off in the comments section below!


ironmouse said:

I loved this game :) I think it was the last true turn based RPG too! I miss turn based combat like FFX's - I wish recent/new games would use turn based combat (I'm getting tired of "real time" combat, as my reflexes just can't keep up anymore and I can't think as quickly either).

I'm likely to get the PS3 version, as I have no intention of getting a Vita.
Would've been cool to have a 3DS version tho ;)

Manaal said:

I will definitely be picking this up. Of all the Final Fantasies I've played (VII-XIII, with a detour through X-2), FFX is the one I keep coming back to again and again.

By the way, Super Swede, wouldn't Final Fantasy X's tenth birthday have been in 2011, rather than 2001?

Limeade said:

I love Final Fantasy X. It is my second favorite Final Fantasy ever (FFVI beating out for the top spot). Even though I couldn't stand Tidus or Lulu's objectification, I couldn't help but fall in love with the cast of characters and the general development they all received throughout this long journey together. Doubts, fears, worries, caring for each other... it was nice to see.

Even the ridonkulous romance between Yuna and Tidus, overwrought and flowerey as it is, had its good moments too.

I'd definitely be interested in picking this up!

Dustafee said:

This is so weird... I was just trying to figure out a way to play FFX on either my ps3 or pc- But my pc is garbage, and my PS3 is too late of a model.

I thought I was screwed! But now Im not! Im just going to be like 50$ poorer! :D

Rosa said:

I tell everybody that I hate this game. It was my FF13, the game that made me take to the streets telling everybody how Final Fantasy was dead and gone and Square was over. I've since gotten over that after enjoying the goddamn hell out of FF12, but as a seventeen year old, I was pathological. I just don't like any of the characters, especially the aforementioned Rikku, who ruins every single scene she's in. Yuna had potential, but her voice acting killed her for me. Lulu is the only one I genuinely liked, and I admit I'm more interested in her boobs and her black eye liner than her only semi-interesting personality. I'm a known, recorded FF10 hater.

Buuuut the real truth of the matter is that I don't hate this game at all. I've played it all the way through ... twice. And I'm going to buy it this time and play it on my Vita.

It's still my least favourite Final Fantasy game without any contest, and I've played all 13. But the fact of the matter is I still enjoy playing it a lot, and if it weren't a part of the series, I'd probably recommend it to everyone I knew.

So despite my documented loathing of FF10 ... I'm excited for this, and I'm buying the hell out of it.

SadClown said:

Last time I tried replaying it I found I still liked the gameplay but couldn't stand all the unskippable cutscenes. Add a skip option and I'll play this again.

ringoxcore said:

i loved lulu's mcqueen-esque kimono dress (with TRAINNNN). except her hair was a hot mess.

so do we get an x-2 remake as well?

AnakinGeada said:

It is both a device for Square Enix to milk more money out of a past product and a tribute to that product. I was also displeased initially when I started Final Fantasy X, it seemed unnecessarily depressing and the characters seemed (at first) more like caricatures of themselves. As I trudged through the linear plot though, I too grew to really feel for the characters and story and grew to really love the game. I also really enjoyed FFX-2 as most of the extremely heavy weight of the story in FFX was lifted, but without completely cutting off the emotional strings it had drawn, and presented the much less linear game path I had desired. I hope/expect that they will do an accompanying HD-remake of that as well.

One of my favorite bonus features in FFX was the opera house thing at Luca where you could replay all the cutscenes. They need this type of side-diversion in every long RPG (but also adding in some of the non-prerendered cutscenes) so that I can re-experience the story without having to replay an entire 50+ hour game. Or some type of story mode that unlocks after beating the game where I could replay the game with all my characters already uber-powerful (fully retaining level/stats/equipment from beating it) so that I could breeze through the story without spending hours grinding (not just the new game plus from FFX-2, you still had to re-grind and re-level up when you replayed on new game plus).

vkamicht said:

I've already got this in HD -- it's called PCSX2 with high res rendering. Mega bonus is being able to play the "undub" version!

DanielBevis said:

Great game, though FFIX remains my favourite and after XII and XIII I'm no longer interested in the series.

Only got a PS1 and PS2 from the Sony stable tbh as well, so couldn't get this [or an implausible IX remake] anyway.

Shin Gallon said:

@ vkamicht: Someone did an undub of FFX? TO THE GOOGLEMOBIEL!

But seriously, FFX was the last one I really liked, as I don't do MMOs and 12 was basically FFXI: Offline Edition (seriously I despised the combat system in 12 with every fiber of my being), and 13 barely qualifies as a game.
But FFX? I liked the characters, the story was pretty good, and I loved the battle system (no stupid ATB bars, true turn based combat? Yes, please).

Karrde said:

I might pick it up when it's on sale. I mean I've played the game several times, and it's going to have to offer me something new to play it.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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