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Friday Frivolity: "The FP" Trailer

There are films, and then there are masterworks. Cinema's primitive origins - privileged audiences of the 19th century found themselves enthralled with the simple wonder of Eadweard Muybridge's "Sallie Gardner at a Gallop" - have birthed a groundswell of creativity, capturing the mind's eye of artists across the globe through the magic of the moving picture. Yet every now and again, there comes a truly transcendent work, and staggered by the grandeur, you find yourself left in helpless submission to that singular moment when the third eye opens - the majesty of the infinite possibilities and variables of space-time suddenly beheld by a quivering spirit - into which flows the truth about life, love, sex, death, and the central axiom upon which all existence, both material and transcendent, fundamentally rests. The sudden flood of revelations tears your corporeal form asunder, erasing from this dimension all that was once your mortal essence. Yet it is in this divine trance that the transmigration of the soul begins, hurling toward the Great Expanse on a wave of white hot-flourescene: an ethereal stream, stretching from the now-opened mind into the infinite firmament. Then, finding yourself awash in a sea of celestial light - you, intrepid star-child of the Higher Planes - the screen goes black, a slow crescendo of melody envelopes your being, and the credits roll.

Such is probably not the case with "The FP," a "Warriors"-style jaunt though the fields of silliness. Set in a dystopian future, rival gangs game to the death - their weapon of choice, a knock-off of Dance Dance Revolution - in a battle for pride, power, and the prestige of being the greatest dancer in all of Fraizer Park. Grills shall be flashed, dancing boots shall be donned, and the eyepatch of our noble protagonist shall serve as a harbinger of the baditude that is to come. In "West Side Story," territorial disputes were settle through dance-offs; in "The FP," such disputes are settle through "beat-offs."

So check out the 2:30 fever dream that is "The FP," and happy (very late) Friday!


francisco said:

this is seriously a real film and not a parody trailer?
Strangely I feel compelled to see it

SuperSwede said:

My initial reaction was "this has got to be BS," but no, in fact, it is real -- assuming thre's not some kind of vast internet conspiracy that stretches all the way to imdb. It comes from Drafthouse films -- they were the distributer of "Four Lions" (written and directed by my favorite comedic mind, Chris Morris), which as an aside, everyone should see -- and is set for a limited release

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SuperSwede on Friday Frivolity: "The FP" Trailer: My initial reaction was "this has got to be BS," but no, in fact, it is real -- assuming thre's...

francisco on Friday Frivolity: "The FP" Trailer: this is seriously a real film and not a parody trailer? wow. Strangely I feel compelled to see it...

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