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Houston, We Have SingStar DLC


This week's SingStar DLC update is a few days late. They're claiming technical difficulties, but I'm guessing they wanted to go back and rework the originally planned song list to accommodate a certain diva who recently passed away...

That's right, there's some Whitney Houston being added to the SingStore today. I mean, there's other stuff, but I'm betting people are going to be most excited about those. Personally, I'm rather psyched for "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" because that's my favorite cheesy Backstreet Boys song. And those who remember how much I love '80s songs know I'm going to be all over "Poison Arrow." But as usual, there's something for every taste:

"Poison Arrow" by ABC
"Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" by Backstreet Boys
"Lick Ya Down" by Cover Drive
"Bodies" by Drowning Pool
"Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You" by Glenn Medeiros
"Voodoo" by Godsmack
"Who You Are" by Jessie J
"Falling Away From Me" by Korn
"mOBSCENE" by Marilyn Manson
"Down With The Trumpets" by Rizzle Kicks
"Click Click Boom" by Saliva
"Where Do Broken Hearts Go," "I'm Your Baby Tonight," "So Emotional," and "My Love Is Your Love" by the late, great Whitney Houston

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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