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I Want A New Rock Band DLC


You've already been enjoying "The Power Of Love" from the Rock Band 3 disc, and today, you can enjoy some more Huey Lewis and the News as a three-pack of tunes are added to the Rock Band Music Store! (And I guess if you haven't been enjoying "The Power Of Love," then you're out of luck this week!)

The Huey Lewis and the News Pack 01 will include "Do You Believe In Love," "The Heart of Rock & Roll," and the classic "I Want a New Drug." The songs are two bucks each as usual, or $5.49 for the triple pack. All of them have keyboard parts, and "I Want a New Drug" is the only one with the optional $.99 Pro Guitar and Pro Bass upgrades.


Shin Gallon said:

Why do I suddenly want to watch "American Psycho" again?

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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