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Nintendo Zone Expands


I thought that the Nintendo Zone was a great addition to the 3DS system, what with the offers of free videos and whatnot to promote games. But the thing is, you actually have to go somewhere where you can activate it. It won't work from your home internet connection. I've had my 3DS alert me that it's available when I'm passing through the 14th Street subway station, but I'm not about to hop off the train just to check it out! And I don't like coffee, so I've never gone to hang out in a Starbucks to explore it either. But I keep meaning to, because I honestly have no idea what the Nintendo Zone actually contains.

Well, it's about to contain a whole lot more, because Nintendo has just announced that they're adding some new content to the Zone. Starting February 6, they're going to add playable demos of Nintendo 3DS games and a dedicated Pokémon section that will feature news and information about the games as well as full-length episodes of the Pokémon TV series!

Nintendo Zone is available in over 29,000 locations at restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, airports (I love the fact that my 3DS will give me internet access at airports for free!) and malls all over the US and Canada, so I honestly have no excuse not to check it out except that I'm exceptionally lazy!


Dallas said:

Yeah I don't understand why you have to be at one of those locations. I am not going to stop at one of those locations to use the service I should be able to see that content at home. I am sure it is some business deal Nintendo made with those retailers.

T! said:

Yay for Pokémon getting a little lovin'.

Aximill said:

When doesn't Pokémon get loving?

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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