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Street Figher X Tekken Roster Is Full Up!


Capcom has revealed the final four fighters that will be included in the roster of the total 38 characters battling it out in the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken. From the Street Fighter series, you've got M. Bison and Akuma, and from Tekken, the abalicious Jin and Ogre! Mind you, Capcom is careful to call the 38 the "launch lineup," so I would expect more characters in the near future via DLC.

Street Fighter X Tekken will be hitting PlayStation 3's and Xbox 360's on March 6 in the US and March 9 in Europe. But Capcom has also just announced that the PC version will be streeting on May 11. Unfortunately, there's still no date for the PlayStation Vita version, but they say details are coming "in the near future." So look out for that if you're planning on getting Sony's new handheld.


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