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Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert Talk Adventure Games

As a preface to the Double Fine Adventure "making of" series, 2 Player Productions, who will be filming the ongoing, creative merriment, has released a bit of goodness to we of the Great Unwashed. The above video features Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert discussing their project, as well as topics ranging from their respective beginnings, to reflections on the adventure genre: its merits, its flaws, and the relative decline of its popularity, at least when compared to more "successful" genres. Modern adventure games can be a hard sell, and one of the reasons that Double Fine sought to take the Kickstarter approach, as Schafer stated in a previous video, was to avoid publishing companies that would usually be averse to such projects.

The conversation is about 35 minutes long - those disinclined to watch the full version can enjoy out this six-minute snippet - and well worth checking out. Tim Schafer is eight kinds of charming, and Ron Gilbert - jestingly described as the "Gandalf" of adventure games, due to being "old and crabby"-- is quite interesting, especially for those of us that grew up enjoying the genre.

As for the Kickstarter campaign, it has been quite the success. The project has vastly exceeded its $800,000 goal, currently standing at a most impressive $2,151,429, with 17 days left before Double Fine receives its monetary bounty. One can donate as little as a dollar, though a minimum of $15 is required to obtain the first tier of rewards, which includes the video series, participation in the "private discussion community," the beta (distributed through Steam), and of course, a copy of Double Fine Adventure.

Double Fine Adventure with be released (at a yet-unspecified date) for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.


Kuranghi said:

I'm not great at telling, does anyone here think Ron Gilbert is gay?

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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