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Trailer: Reign Of Thunder

For those who like their robots bipedal (and armed to the gills), the prospective loveliness of Reign of Thunder brings smiles, excited giggles, and enough suspension of disbelief to make one forget that when it comes to mechanized combat, walking robot armies are wholly impractical, vastly expensive, and unlike their tank counterparts, can be rendered prone by a well-placed (and sturdy) tripwire.

The game is being developed by Day 1 Studios, known for their work on the MechAssualt series, and as one would expect, takes place in the Battletech universe. According to the press release, Reign of Thunder will be a "fast paced, multi-player focused title" from a third-person perspective. Players can customize their mechs - having never played an of the MechAssault games, I can only hope my "scores of heat sinks and enough PPCs to rip holes in space-time" strategy will still be possible - and as an added bonus, the orgy of mechanized destruction will be free-to-play.

The game is without a solid release date, though TJ Wagner, Creative Director and Executive Producer of Reign of Thunder, says that "time is very, very near." Platforms have also yet to be announced, though one would suspect PC will be on the bill.


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