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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Wow, this was a busy week, both in Narnia and out! In fact, while my other home hasn't had much snow at all this winter, I was super happy that it snowed quite a bit in Narnia, because it meant I didn't have to water my flowers. Nature did that for me. Big time saver!

But like I said, there was big doings, so make the jump for the entire scoop!


So remember last week when I asked Ruby not to go yet, and bribed her with a present? And then I swung by her place to see that she wasn't packed, so I thought I'd gotten her to change her mind? Yeah, well, turns out not.

Oddly, though, days and days went by and at this writing, I still haven't seen a replacement. Has word gotten out that Narnia isn't the most awesome town to live in? Because it totally is, and whoever's spreading that particular rumor is going to get it!


Apparently winter makes my mom a little maudlin. Not sure why she's so lonely, though. Where's dad? Did she throw him out and not tell me? Or is he such bad company that she doesn't even count him?


Stopped in to see Derwin to make sure he wasn't packed to move or anything crazy like that, and found out that he was a little under the weather. Poor guy. Naturally, I swung over to Tommy Nooks to pick him up some medicine. I'll get him fixed up in no time. Now, if only it was that easy to shake my own cold!


I was surprised to get a package from Nintendo this week, and the letter read: "What time is it? With this clock, it's always time for a party! Enjoy it in the spirit of Pavé!" Now, the Pavé clock totally doesn't go with the rest of my 24K decor, but whatever. It's probably good for more than a few HRA points. And I appreciate having another piece of that set, because it's such a pain to collect that I never bothered getting more than a few.


And then to round things out, it was Groundhog Day this week, so Tortimer was standing out in front of City Hall with a present to commemorate the holiday. Unfortunately, it's just another Resetti model. He gives 'em out every year. Like I care anymore. Change it up a bit, man! Boy, when I'm mayor of my hometown, you can just bet that things are gonna be different!


M.B. said:

For some reason, I thought Octavian said gaypacho.

Ben said:

I have to admire your dedication to City Folk! I contemplated picking it back up, but then I thought about the 3DS version coming out later, and figured I wanted to wait to throw myself into that one.

I did fire up my copy of Wild World to see what happened, and OMG, it's overrun with weeds, and apparently when I gave up playing that game I chopped down every single tree...d'oh! So, I quickly put that game down Wisp to help pull weeds, and I certainly didn't feel up to it...

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Ben on Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary: I have to admire your dedication to City Folk! I contemplated picking it back up, but then I thought about...

M.B. on Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary: For some reason, I thought Octavian said gaypacho....

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