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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

This week was huge! It's probably the biggest week all year! So buckle in and get ready, because we've got a lot to cover! And I'm not just talking about Carmen's insecurity about her outfit!


That's right, it was my birthday! I'm not telling you how old I am, but come on — look at me! I don't look a day over eight, right? (If you want the name of my surgeon, just E-mail me!) Anyway, as I emerged from my house, I wondered who would be waiting outside to wish me a "Happy Birthday," and was hoping it would be Derwin. And it was! Yay! He's so my favorite. Right now, anyway. (I still miss Pippy...)

And then my mailbox was chock full of birthday wishes from a bunch of my friends. These are my favorites, though, because they're the silliest:





Oh, and of course my Mom sent a little birthday greeting as well. Along with 5,000 bells! Sweet! (I probably shouldn't tell her that I still drool from time to time...)


A couple days after my birthday, it was Valentine's Day, and I wondered who I would get Valentine's from. I hoped Derwin would send me chocolates... I love chocolates. But no. I had literally one letter in my mailbox, and it was this half-hearted Valentine from Bettina. That's right, mousy little Bettina. The heck?

Seriously? One Valentine, and no chocolates? What did I do wrong this year? Why doesn't anybody love me? Feh. A pox on their houses!


Amusingly, as I wandered around all cranky on Valentine's Day, anyone I chatted to couldn't help but gossip about other people in town. It was kind of hilarious. Apparently, Annabelle is just waiting for Poncho and Carmen to stop fighting their feelings and hook up. Crazy!


And Gala couldn't shut up about Poncho and Puck. Although she seems to think they're just friends. I don't know. Why couldn't a bear like Poncho have a thing for a bunny and a penguin? I don't judge. Heck, I'm the one with a crush on a duck that wears nerdy glasses!


I usually like to find people's missing keys just to keep them happy, but how could I keep Astrid from living her dream of combining reggae music and Italian food? That would just be cruel.

Although I've gotta say that after all this activity, I really hope next week is a lot calmer. It would have to be, though... right?

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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