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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

This week was really crazy. We've got a lot to cover. We had a lot of snow last week, but this week it seems like the trees are looking a little greener under the snow, so I feel like spring is on the way. Then we'll have lots of green. And lots of rain. Which I don't mind, because it means I don't have to water my flowers!

But there was drama aplenty this week, so read on for all the deets!


Things got off to a horrible start when Derwin told me he was going to leave. I tried to tell him not to, but he said he didn't think he could get out of it. Seriously? You were my BFF who gave me my birthday cake! How can you, of all people, be the one to move away? It's not fair!


Also, when I left Nookway, Tommy Nook stopped me to say that he wasn't comfortable with his business again. Now he feels like the long hours aren't worth it if you don't have that much to sell. So when he asked what I would prefer, I told him variety, so he'd turn back into Nookington's. Oddly, though, the whole week went by and he never shut down to remodel. Maybe over the weekend...


I mailed Derwin a present in the hopes that it would keep him around, and I was hopeful because the next time I ran into him, he didn't mention moving at all. No, he was all like, "Take a picture, it'll last longer!" I should've realized that was a bad sign...


Seriously, my mother is a mess. Never mind the fact that she apparently can't decorate her own house, but she ends this note with a question mark instead of an exclamation point. Come on, mom — don't make me get the Grammar Police on you!


Obviously the day after I ran into Derwin wandering around, when I saw that he was home, I stopped in to check on him. And nothing was packed. He even offered to let me use anything he had. Which again, I suppose I should've realized was a sign...


Because the next day, when I stopped in, he was all packed up. And he wouldn't let me even try to talk him out of moving. I hate when they do that. It's so frustrating. At least let me try to convince you to stay! Don't just ignore me. I will not be ignored, Derwin!


Oh, meanwhile, Carmen was sick this week. So I made sure to bring her medicine from the store until she was feeling better. Maybe that's why Nook didn't shut down... because he knew? I mean, how else could I get medicine for Carmen if he'd closed up shop? I'd have to go to another town! And who knows if I could find one with its gates open? We got lucky this time around, Carmen. Don't get sick again!


Also this week was Festivale. God, I hate Festivale. I mean, sure, Pavé is a hoot, and who doesn't like confetti raining from the sky (where does it come from, anyway?)? But it's a complete pain in the ass.


Because he needs three pieces of candy before he'll give you a piece of furniture. It's too much work! I actually had two of the yellow pieces he wanted, so I only had to play a couple of games with my neighbors before one of them coughed up another yellow one, so it wasn't too bad. I got a Pavé wall. Big whoop. I'm certainly not going to put out that set because I only have a few pieces. I don't have all day to play guessing games with people to get enough candy to collect all the furniture. You can keep it!


Oh yeah, and Derwin still hadn't moved out. Seriously, it's like he's just trying to torture me because he knows how much I don't want him to go. So he dragged it out until I went insane...


Although the northern lights were pretty. Very soothing... Ahhh...


Eventually, Derwin did move. Of course, just to get one last dig in, he had to write the letter in such a way that it seems like he hasn't actually moved away yet. But he had. Now I have to find a new BFF!


Weirdly, while it seemed to take all week for Derwin to move out, his replacement moved in practically immediately! Del looks intimidating, and seems a bit cranky, but he might be just what the doctor ordered...


So naturally, the day after Del moves in, he loses the key to his house and I feel obligated to go look for it. Don't want to get off on the wrong foot, after all. If i didn't try and help him out, maybe Del would've been one of those super-flighty ones and moved away next week after barely even unpacking his stuff! I do appreciate that he was thinking of forcing Carmen out of her house, though. This dude might be all right after all...


M.B. said:

Sorry to hear about Derwin. Maybe they should give a little more power to players in regards to making your neighbors stay in future games.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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M.B. on Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary: Sorry to hear about Derwin. Maybe they should give a little more power to players in regards to making your...

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