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Sunday Silliness: Tim Schafer Confirms "Ballin" Status, Provides Photos


Tuesday marks the deadline for Double Fine's Kickstarter venture. Taking in over 2.5 million dollars thus far - for reference, that's roughly 2.49995 million more than I currently have in my savings account - it's a rather daunting sum. In the past, I've suggested that Schafer plans to spend his money on coke, a straw made of pure jade, and an array of "exotic" women - each given room and board, and "serviced" on a rotating schedule. I hold fast to this theory - one can only assume that the Double Fine "Pleasure Dome" is undergoing construction - so while these objects of man's darkest desire get the visa situation sorted out lucky ladies await their accommodations, one wonders how Schafer & Co. are planning to spend the money that you, noble backer, have graciously provided. Will more staff be hired on? Should we expect prettier graphics, better voice acting, or a more lengthy experience? How much does actually it cost to maintain a harem of Belorussian immigrants? About $5,000 per week.

Double Fine's recent updates have provided few answers to these questions, save for the news that Double Fine Adventure will, given the outpouring of financial support, be featuring voice acting and support for multiple platforms, as well as multiple languages. Somewhere between "Schafer's new chinchilla snuff film" and classic, 2d adventure goodness, the game is currently in pre-production. Thus, any speculation is rather fruitless.

The documentary plans to chronicle the project, but in the meantime, Schafer has provided the following photos. A few, scant gamers/trolls have seen this as an insult - assuming one has a fully-functioning sense of humor, allowing one to view the spectrum of seriousness (including negative seriousness, i.e. "joking"), this shouldn't be an issue - despite the fact that Kickstarter has yet to pay out. Also worth noting, as per the photos, is that Double Fine has invested (wisely, I should add) in a money tree.

So if you're planning to help fund to Double Fine Adventure, you've got a few days left. Having opened up my heart (and wallet) to the project, I'm a bit biased, but if you're already planning on playing the game, you can effectively buy it for a $15 donation. So happy Sunday, and check out the latest video update from Double Fine after the jump!

Tim Schafer: Sweating Cristal since 2012.

Images via Venture Beat

schafer_1.png schafer_2.pngschafer_3.pngschafer_4.pngschafer_5.pngschafer_6.pngschafer_7.pngschafer_8.pngschafer_9.pngschafer_11.png

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