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Fez Gets Release Date on XBLA

According to a rather "vibrant" post on Polytron (I hope none of you have epilepsy), Fez will be available via XBLA for 800 Microsoft Points which is still a senseless and unintuitive of gauging monetary value, I mean for Christ's sake on April 13th.

For those unfamiliar with the title, Fez is a sort of puzzle-platformer, featuring the 8-bit art style that has become surprisingly commonplace in recent years. However, rather than simply riding on the nostalgia train - employing antiquated graphics and gameplay for the sake of scoring a lazy buck - Fez takes a rather interesting turn by augmenting the tried-and-true style with a blending of both 2D and 3D. Those who have played Crush will have a rough idea of how it works: the positions of the "platforms" change depending on your perspective, which can be adjusted by rotating the camera 90 degrees at a time. While a bit difficult to explain, the trailer from 2011 showcases the mechanic - it's actually quite intuitive.

So for you puzzle enthusiasts that have yet to discover Fez, check out the video! As for me... Well, after watching that seizure-inducing "announcement," Uncle Swede is going to lie down. Something smells like burnt hair, and I've noticed that I can no longer feel my left arm.

via Polytron


Shin Gallon said:

I'd completely forgotten about this game. I think I saw video of it literally 5 or 6 years ago and haven't heard anything about it since. Has it really been in development that long, or did it come out on PC years ago and I just missed it somehow?

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Shin Gallon on Fez Gets Release Date on XBLA: I'd completely forgotten about this game. I think I saw video of it literally 5 or 6 years ago and...

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