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Friday Frivolity: TF2 Meets Flight Of The Conchords

As some may have noticed, it has been some weeks since the last Friday Frivolity. Partly, this a consequence of writer's block; mainly, it's to do with the gaming sphere's insistence on not being funny, favoring instead the dull path of "reporting on things." Yet every now and again, one finds a little diamond in the rough while watching YouTube videos of cats scouring the internet for late-breaking industry news. Such is the case of "What is Wrong with 2Fort Today?"

The video was inspired by Flight of the Conchords, a well-known music duo, hailing from that far corner of the Earth known as New Zealand - or as cartographers of old (probably never) called it, "Newe Zelande." Those of you with your fancy book learnin' and college-boy smarts may know the country as a sort of ecological Mecca: A shimmering gem of the natural world, where man's avarice has yet to despoil Gaia's beauty. Those of us in the geographically-impaired camp know it as "that place where Frodo lives."

Regardless, the video sees Team Fortress 2 taking a trip down Mirth Lane, with our friends Engineer, Doktor and Heavy giving a stirring performance of Flight of the Conchords's "What is Wrong with the World Today?" So if you enjoy your music dripping with emotion - mourning a world lost to human callousness, random decapitation, and monkey-borne illness - check out the video. Hope may be but a faint ember amidst the ashes of our shared promise, but within that ember lies the potential - tended with care, and stoked with the breath of our very humanity - that it may grow and spread.

Team Fortress 2: Lighting the way toward a brighter tomorrow.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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