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(Belated) Friday Frivolity: The Whimsical Weirdness Of Muffin Knight

Fantasy: While giving the promise of letting the mind wander free, such games usually find themselves hopelessly tethered to "Thee Olde Tymes." Knights in full-plate armor march across the land, and mages find their power in the arcane arts. Archers brings death in the form on an arrow, and as anyone well-versed in Arthurian legend knows, the unicorn sh*ts rainbows. While modern cryptozoologogy has debunked this notion - conventional unicorns merely radiate the sunshine from which they were formed, while "fallen" unicorns excrete unanswered prayers and orphans' tears - the myth lives on, undeterred by historical fact.

Such silliness find itself in Muffin Knight, an arcade-style platformer with some light (very light indeed) RPG elements. Your character must gather all the muffins in the land, while fending off waves of pigs, ghosts, and various other varieties of baddies. After the acquisition of each muffin, your character changes changes to a random class, thus necessitating that one use that tasty, muffin-gifted xp to keep a well-balanced roster of characters. As one might expect, it's something of a grind: unlock classes (including the aforementioned unicorn), unlock levels, grant class upgrades, and the like.

Muffin Knight is a good bit of casual fun, albeit a rather shameless rip-off of Super Crate Box. Charm is in abundance, levels each have a distinct look, and classes are varied enough to keep gameplay fresh. So if you're looking for something to distract you from that hangover you drunk, Muffin Knight might be right up your alley.

Muffin Knight is available for Google Chrome, iOS, and Android

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