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Futuremark Games Absorbed Into The Rovio Collective


Back in my day, we didn't have your iPhones, Androids, or handheld computer machines - and we sure as all heck didn't know nothing about some "Angry Birds." No, in between walking to school (uphill, both ways) in the cold, Minnesota winter, we played Gorillas on QBasic - and you know what? We were grateful.

Forgetting the scourge of modernity for a moment, Angry Birds (or its UK counterpart, "Really Quite Cross Birds") has become a household name, inviting those of all ages to experience casual fun on the smartphone of their choice, while extolling the virtues of Bird-on-Pig violence.

Following hot on the heels of its latest incarnation, Angry Birds Space, Rovio has sought add to its empire with the acquisition of fellow Finns, Futuremark Games (of Unstoppable Gorg fame). Naturally, this means greater exposure and funding, as well as bolstering the notion that the Nordic world is waging war on humanity's attention span - Sweden and Finland have given us Minecraft and Angry Birds, respectively - to bring about some kind of cyber-Ragnarok.

Still, despite having a heart that pumps liquid cynicism, I find it nice to see a smaller studio enjoying success. I previously reviewed Unstoppable Gorg, finding it to be a highly enjoyable title, with an aesthetic and charmingly-offbeat story that set it apart from other tower defense games. For those who have yet to play the game, it can be downloaded from Steam for $10 - a demo is also available.

via Rovio press release

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