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Mari0: Play With 8-bit Portals

Usually, I like to save the more oddball bits of gaming goodness for "Friday Frivolity." Yet crippled by an ADD and Red Bull-addled psyche, holding a clear thought for more than about a day and a half proves nearly impossible. Having neither giant, fluorescent blue Post-it Notes, nor an equally giant pen with which to scribble the words "Write about this on Friday a**hole" thereon, I present the latest bit of bright-and-shiny from the infinite gamescape: Mari0.

Strictly speaking, Mari0 is a Portal-themed mod for the original Super Mario Bros. The above video shows pretty much all you need to know: Running and jumping your way through the 8-bit landscape, our mustachioed protagonist dons his usual implements of pain, while adding to his arsenal none other than the trademark Portal gun. While not earth-shatteringly intense, the game is a sort of cute distraction - this is, after all, a bit of frivolous fun - with controls that don't impede the core game: Its "WSAD, Shift, Ctrl" scheme is undoubtedly familiar with ROMs games purchased via a respectable, law-abiding intermediary. The direction in which you fire the portal gun is dictated by your mouse which, on the whole, proves to be quite intuitive.

The game is available for PC, Mac and Linux. As one might expect, it will run on any system, assuming you own a device more advanced than a crudely rigged potato battery, hooked up to an abacus using salvaged copper wire. So enjoy the video, and check out Mari0!


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