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Minecraft Creator Getting BAFTA Special Award


Minecraft creator and indie game superstar Marcus "Notch" Persson is going to receive a special award at the 2012 British Academy Video Games Awards on 16 March. In case you've been comatose for the past couple of years, Minecraft is a wildly popular mash-up of Lego and wire-frame video games that lets you build, dig, farm, and adventure your way through a fully-interactive environment. It was famously created by Persson, released in Alpha and Beta modes to raise money for the "official" release, which happened late in 2011, and has attracted legions of fans and a dedicated presence on YouTube. The money made off Alpha and Beta was enough to hire staff for the newly-minted Mojang and begin production of further games. In fact, the whole Minecraft enterprise has become deliriously profitable, having made £62 million ($98 million USD), and pulling as much as £160 000 daily; said Ray McGuire of the BAFTA Video Games Committee:

"Markus is an inspiration for all games developers and this Award reflects the determination and innovation that he continues to show to both the developer community and to gamers worldwide. We are thrilled that he will accept this Award and are excited to see what new developments he will introduce to the industry in years to come."

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