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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Wow, it was another big week in Narnia! Seriously, you'd think after all this time that life here would get dull and boring. But you'd be wrong! So wrong!


Most awesomely, my week started with spring... uh, springing up! Seriously, I walked out of my house on Saturday afternoon and was blow away by the green. I'd forgotten just how vibrant the town could be with all the colors not covered by a sheet of grey mush. So pretty!


Well, after I suggested that the store would be better with more variety to its stock last week, Nook finally got off his furry tail and decided to listen and fix the joint back up again. I'd asked for longer hours last time because sometimes I play later in the day, but honestly, I can make it to Nookington's before it closes 99% of the time. So whatever. I just got the impression he really hated wearing this tacky hat and apron, so I let him change.


Of course, that decision led to this, which caused me a bit of a problem, but I'll explain that a little bit down the page...


See? Doesn't he just look so ridiculously chipper to be wearing that suit again?


Gotta say I was a little bit pissed off to go to the city and run into my old BFF Pippy only to have her run on about shopping instead of how exciting it was to see me again. Hm. Maybe she heard about Derwin? Well, he left me, too, so she should be happy!


There must be something going around town because now Octavian got sick! This is where Nook closing up shop caused me a bit of a dilemma because it came right in the middle of Octavian's illness. So there was one day where I couldn't go to the store and by Octavian's medicine for him. I felt bad, but there was nothing I could do. And to be honest, I didn't even go by his place to explain. Didn't want to make things worse. You understand...


Okay, this was a disturbing one. Curly told me that apparently Carmen told him that her favorite food is pork pie! Can you believe it? I'm pretty sure she was joking, though. I mean, come on — pork pie? Clearly the answer should be bacon, right?


I only ever see Pete when he's waiting for me outside my house with a special delivery, so imagine my surprise when I just found him wandering around one day. I went over to chat, and he went on and on about Phyllis treating him like crap. But see, the thing is, he's now convinced himself that the reason that she treats him so badly is because she's secretly sweet on him and can't admit it. Really, dude? Phyllis is a cranky beyotch. Pelly's the way to go, here. Not like he'd listen to me if I tried to tell him that, though!


Astrid only just got here, so naturally, I told her that her life couldn't possibly get better in another town. I mean, I can't imagine anyplace that could be better than Narnia. Can you?


Leap Day threw Puck into a tizzy as he tried to figure out exactly how much extra time it gave him. Whatever. Math is too hard. And life's too short for counting anyway!


Pete showed up again later in the week with a special delivery from Nintendo: this totally snazzy egg TV! It'll go great with the egg set... if I decide to put away the gold furniture and decorate for Easter... Not sure if I will, though... the gold is just too fabulous for words...


So yeah, eventually Octavian was feeling better. And to thank me he gave me a gold stereo. Oh, and in case you're wondering, no, I didn't feel his skin! Ew!


Ben said:

I have to say, Octavian's wallpaper is pretty creepy too. Who wants to sleep with all those faces staring back at you? Then, he asks you to feel his skin...he's a creeper.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Ben on Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary: I have to say, Octavian's wallpaper is pretty creepy too. Who wants to sleep with all those faces staring back...

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