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Attend McCloud's Arwing Academy!


GamerPrint does some really nice work, and I wish that their stuff wasn't so limited edition so it wouldn't be quite so expensive. Well, they're also UK based, so that's gonna jack up the prices a bit, too, I suppose. But the McCloud's Arwing Academy design is totally awesome. The T-shirt will run you $28.69 USD, and for a bit more, you can get it on a hoodie. Or a canvas. But why would you want to get this on anything you can't wear?

They went a little more old-school with the Lost Souls Alliance design inspired by Grim Fandango, but that's still pretty cool. I mean, it's not awesome like the Star Fox one, but it's still pretty cool.

If you're interested, click on over to GamerPrint's site and check it out. But remember, as with all their products, they're produced in extremely limited quantities. After 250 have been made, that's it. No more!


Shin Gallon said:

Damn...if that Starfox one weren't pre-distressed I'd buy it.

LordoftheAvenue said:

Lost Souls Alliance... I dream of wearing that.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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LordoftheAvenue on Attend McCloud's Arwing Academy!: Lost Souls Alliance... I dream of wearing that....

Shin Gallon on Attend McCloud's Arwing Academy!: Damn...if that Starfox one weren't pre-distressed I'd buy it....

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