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Kirby Is Almost To Drinking Age!


Nintendo announced a bunch of games on the horizon, including a special collection to celebrate the 20th anniversary of everyone's favorite pink blob, Kirby! The little guy still isn't legal drinking age here in New York, but there's going to be a special anniversary Wii game that will contain a variety of fan-favorite Kirby games collected onto one disc. It'll likely be similar to the Mario one they released, but more details are coming later.

There's also New Super Mario Bros. 2, a traditional side-scrolling adventure game for the Nintendo 3DS that's due out in North America in August. But if you need a little Mario fix before then, you can try Mario Tennis Open for the Nintendo 3DS on May 20. This time around, you can even play as your Mii characters, and use the hundreds of special items to customize your appearance. And you can play local or wireless internet multiplayer!

Also on tap for the 3DS is a system update scheduled for April 25 which will let you create folders on your home screen to organize your content. Finally! I can put all my GBA games in one folder and GB ones in another and not have to scroll across three screens to get to some of them! The update will also add eShop recommendations as well as the ability to update select software. Like with the Mario Kart 7 update scheduled for mid-May that will resolve shortcut exploits in the game. Hopefully this won't lead to a bunch of unfinished games with bugs being released because now they can be patched later... I hate that.

Oh, and if you were a fan of the Kid Icarus anime videos that were released to promote the new game, they're coming back to Nintendo Video on April 28. Personally, I'm just glad they released a new puzzle for Puzzle Swap. I know it's just a Mario Tennis Open one to promote the new game, but I absolutely love the puzzles. More than Find Mii! And since I was able to finish the second batch of new puzzles at PAX East (conventions are awesome for StreetPassing!), I was sad because there were no more puzzles. Hopefully the releases will continue!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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