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PAX East 2012: WBIE Booth Roundup


Warner Bros. had a few other games at its booth, and I checked out a couple of them. First up was Mortal Kombat on the PlayStation Vita. The graphics looked good, if not spectacular, but I'm really having a hard time getting used to the nubbiness of the buttons on the Vita. Since the main game is the same as the console versions of MK, I tried out some of the new Vita-exclusive mini-games. Some use the gyroscope so you try to keep your balance while they throw body parts at you so you don't fall into the pit of acid. Another had you using the touch screen to collect falling coins by tapping them. And you can use the touch screen to pull off the fatalities instead of button pushing. It's all a bit gimmicky, but at least they're trying to add some extra content and use the features of the handheld. (Even if they didn't do anything with the rear touch pad...) Oh, and I also saw the mode where you can use the Vita's camera to play an augmented reality version of the game where the kombatants duke it out in front of whatever's around you. Obviously the effectiveness of it depends on the background you choose.

More impressive to me was The Witcher 2. I hadn't played the first one since it was a PC only game, but the sequel is coming to Xbox 360 on April 17. And the very attractive member of the game's team who walked me through the level explained everything. And I even listened sometimes when I wasn't lost in his dreamy eyes... Seriously, though, The Witcher 2 is a really solid hack-and-slash adventure RPG. The graphics are lovely, but what really impressed me were the costumes, oddly enough. No, really — I kept noticing the elaborate outfits everyone was wearing and how beautiful the details were. I played some combat where I battled my way up to the top of a castle's battlements using a combination of swordplay and magic. I preferred setting fire to everyone, but once I got up high, my guide's advice to use the telekinetic push was helpful because if you aim just right, it would knock the enemy right over the edge. Easy peasy!

The Witcher 2 uses an interesting style of nonlinear storytelling. After the battle, I found myself in a different location in an interrogation/conversation with another person. And when I had a conversation option, the one that I picked led into another scene. The demo kind of fizzled out for me because the last bit was 90% cut scene and 10% actually doing something, but overall, I left with a good impression. There seems to be a nice variety of missions and a whole lot to do. And pretty costumes! Don't forget the pretty costumes! (God, what do I sound like?)


AyeHaley said:

Nice info on The Witcher 2! And don't worry, I (bet most of us) really enjoy those tidbits about cute guys you sneak into some of the articles like this one!

Btw, pretty costumes are a big plus.

Marcus said:

Once again, please don't promote homophobic games.

How is this game homophobic? Watch this:

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Marcus on PAX East 2012: WBIE Booth Roundup: Once again, please don't promote homophobic games. How is this game homophobic? Watch this:

AyeHaley on PAX East 2012: WBIE Booth Roundup: Nice info on The Witcher 2! And don't worry, I (bet most of us) really enjoy those tidbits about cute...

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