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Portal 2 Level Editor Coming Soon


May 8th: The day Portal 2 becomes not just a game, nor an extended case study in human-android relations, but that of which every boy has dreamed since time immemorial: an "unlimited awesome" machine. Indeed, in just under two weeks, Valve will be releasing some free DLC for Portal 2, featuring a little something called the "Perpetual Testing Initiative." In addition to furthering humanity's understanding of sudden and painful death science, this provides a handy level editor, with which to craft one's most diabolical of creations. Said creations can then be uploaded to the Steam Workshop, and subsequently downloaded into the digital maw of the unwashed e-masses.

Sadly for those playing Portal 2 on 360 or PS3, the update applies only to PC and Mac users, thus providing gloating rights for the latter, and groaning rights for the former. While not completely out of the question, Valve has not responded for comment as to whether a console equivalent will be forthcoming, and as Gamespot notes, "The PS3 version of Portal 2 supports Steam, but no Steam Workshop support on that platform has been announced. The Xbox 360 version of Portal 2 does not feature Steam integration of any kind." It's a bit of a letdown, since games such as LittleBigPlanet has shown the potential for, and innate appeal of user-generated content on consoles - the PSP version has stayed in my handheld longer than any game in the system's library - and if above screenshot is any indication, the Portal 2 level editor looks as though it could be quite controller-friendly. Then again, I suppose that's why the Good Lord created petitions - you know someone is already working on it.

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