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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Well, you just knew the lull wasn't going to last long! We've got a lot to cover in this week's entry, so stop wasting time and jump already!


So remember how last week, Del kept saying how he was going to leave town, but never actually packed up any of his crap? Well, finally I checked in on him again and he still wasn't packed, but this time, he let me try to talk him out of it and eagerly agreed to stick around Narnia. Whatever. I think he was just too lazy to pack.


It's true. Spring has sprung. And I guess I should be grateful that my sinuses are still regular size. Because my allergies are really bad. And I stopped wearing that doctor's mask my mom sent me the other week...


I got a little confused when I walked out of my house and saw the trees had turned color. For a moment I thought maybe we'd just skipped summer and gone straight to fall. But then I realized that they were pink and we would soon have showers of cherry blossoms. I always like the cherry blossoms... they're purty...


In other news, Curly tried to tell me he wanted to move this week, and I immediately told him to stay put. Thankfully, he didn't tell me his mind was made up or anything. He happily changed his mind. Guess he didn't really want to go after all...


I don't really know what the occasion was, but I got a package from Nintendo this week. The letter read: "There's nothing like the sweet sound of music to help put a spring in your step! But whatever you do, do NOT eat this music player!" And in the package was a sweets player! It's super cute, and it reminded me that I haven't had a music player in my house for a while. No wonder it's so quiet in there. Time for some tunes!


My pal Rob sent me another package this week. He sent me the Wario hat but didn't include the accessories. Now I've got the sexy 'stache to complete the look!


By the end of the week, the cherry blossoms finally started to fall. Guess we just needed a strong enough breeze to get things moving. So purty...


And to close things out, a visit from the hippy dippy Pascal! He hasn't been around in a dog's age, so I was quite thrilled to see him again. Even if I don't quite get his weird philosophizing this time around. I get the waves, but surfing? Now you take it too far... so far it stops making sense! Maybe I just need to take a little of whatever he's on... then I'll get it!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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