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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Where are these April showers that are supposed to bring the May flowers? Not that Narnia really needs any more flowers, but I personally could've used some rain this week because I was so busy that I almost didn't even want to water my flowers to keep my town beautiful. Luckily, once I settle into it, it's very zen-like and relaxing. So even though I might have had a really stressful day and there's still more work yet to do, taking a little bit of time out of my day to stroll leisurely through town and water some flowers and chat with my friends mellows me out.

Which isn't to say that there wasn't some excitement and drama in town this week!


Things got off to a rough start when Puck told me he was planning to leave town, and when I asked him to stay he said he didn't think he could. But a couple days later I checked in on him in his home, and he wasn't packed, and this time he let me talk him out of it, so I think we're good.


I totally forgot that Sunday was Easter until Octavian mentioned the creepy dude in the bunny costume in front of Town Hall. He's right, though — the dance is kind of awesome.


Once again, Zipper T. Bunny wanted me to run around and dig up the Bunny Day eggs to see if there was a golden ticket inside. I couldn't be bothered, honestly. I've already got the furniture set. So what's the point? I dug up one just because, and it had candy inside, so I was like, "eff this" and went on about my business, ignoring the creepy dude in the bunny suit.


I will say that whoever put a pitfall right at the water's edge is gonna get what's coming to him! Or her! I was just strolling around looking for eggs, and swoop! Sucked into the earth as the tide comes in! I could've drowned! (Luckily I escaped before I got anything more than muddy...)


Checking in on Puck again, he mentioned that he'd love to have a squid for his home aquarium, so I immediately went out and caught him one. It was surprisingly easy. I think it was like, the second fish I yanked out of the ocean. Naturally, Puck was thrilled to get the squid... although also a little weird about what he was going to do with it... so I hope that this will cement his desire to stick around town.


Of course, the same can't be said for Gwen, who at the end of the week, asked me if she should move away. I said no, and she seemed okay with me helping her make up her mind. She fretted about how she wasn't good at making these kinds of big decisions, and thanked me for the help. I'd say "you're welcome," but only if she's actually going to stick around!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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