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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Well, we had an exit, but you were probably already expecting that. Then there was just a little bit of silliness. But that's pretty standard. Wow, I'm not doing a really good job of selling this week's entry, am I!


Look, Octavian. I'd love to help. I do try to help you guys out when I can. But seriously, getting specific about a particular fossil you want? It's not going to happen. I never even dig up the gyroids that appear after it rains, so with all the holes in the ground here, it would take forever to even get a fossil. And do you have any idea what the odds are that it would be a T-rex skull? Oh, don't give me that face. You know I'm right. Go pout somewhere else, you big crank...


See? I can be helpful. Carmen said she wanted "lampy" furniture for her house so I went and ordered her an exotic lamp. Of course, after ordering it, I went upstairs and saw they had a modern lamp in stock, but whatever. She could wait a day for her free furniture. I mean, really. Well, I guess it's not really free, since I always get something in return. But whatever she gave me was so lame I've already forgotten what it was!


I'm not sure what took her so long, but Bettina finally moved away as she'd said she was going to. It was actually taking so long I thought she'd changed her mind. Guess not. Unfortunately, it was towards the end of the week when she moved, so no new resident yet. You'll have that to look forward to next week, then! (I actually get a little excited every time somebody new moves in... who will it be! It's quite thrilling!)


That's right, Sahara was in town peddling her wares. Honestly, I barely even register when she and Wendell show up anymore. I'm just not interested in what they've got to sell. At least all you have to do is give Wendell something to stuff in his gob in order to get a picture. Freakin' Sahara wants you to go around and ask everyone for used carpet. It's such a pain. And in the end, not worth the effort.

But I'm really glad that Puck's sloppy lifestyle doesn't impede his second-hand carpet selling...

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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