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Are You Part Of Multiplayer Battle Day?


Kid Icarus: Uprising has proven to be a popular game for the Nintendo 3DS, and the multiplayer is a big reason why. But if you've been having trouble finding folks to play against, Nintendo wants to make it easier for you. Tommorow, Saturday, May 19, has been designated as Kid Icarus: Uprising Multiplayer Battle Day. Either online or locally, you're invited to come on out and play!

You can use Nintendo's Meetup Everywhere community to organize your own Kid Icarus: Uprising multiplayer gathering, or I suppose, since it's a bit late to put something together this last minute, find out if there's going to be one in your area. That way you can not only battle it out in Kid Icarus: Uprising, but trade AR cards, or StreetPass in-game weapons. (Not to mention the usual StreetPass benefits of more puzzle pieces and Find Mii soldiers!) Plus, Nintendo is sweetening the pot because they've said that the 20 groups with the most participants will receive special premiums, like AR Card packs and T-shirts!

So check out the Nintendo 3DS Meetups Everywhere site to find the 3DS community nearest you!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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